We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE SG-1 "Crash Protected Airborne Recorder Systems" has been created.WG-118 SG-1 develops a standard for Airborne Recorder Systems More information: ...

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Exciting news! Our Director General Anna von Groote was recently featured on the podcast Radar Contact by FoxATM, where she had the opportunity to discuss her personal career path and current position as well as the future of air traffic management.

In 1963 were established as a non-profit organization that brings together manufacturers, operators, regulators, and other aviation stakeholders to develop and promote standards for aviation equipment and related systems. Thanks to all the people who have accompanied us throughout our history. Together we build the future of aviation.

The NGAP working group is focused on developing the next generation of aviation professionals through education, training, and mentoring. The industry is changing rapidly and it is important to ensure that sufficient qualified and competent aviation professionals would be available to operate, manage, and maintain the future international air transport system.