Watch below for five-minute insights from Anna von Groote, EUROCAE's Director General, on the importance of standardisation as the industry navigates the role of AI.

This episode features in-depth discussions with two distinguished members of EUROCAE's Working Group 114 on AI: Alexis de Cacqueray (Airbus): “Exploring the critical role of use cases in the development of standards”, and Zamira Daw (University of Stuttgart): “Unveiling the time-based separation use case and its implications.

The NATO’ Armament and Aerospace Capabilities Directorate, supporting the NATO Aviation Committee, and EUROCAE formalized their commitment to closer collaboration by signing a Technical Cooperation Arrangement.

We are pleased to announce the publication of ER-33|Rationale for a Software Development Assurance Standard for Lower-risk Aviation Applications. The proposed ER document will provide the potential users (i.e. the UAS, UTM and GA communities) with an overview of the scope, background, and methodology of the new standard. It is available on the EUROCAE eShop:https://eshop.euroca ...