Technical Work Programme

The Technical Work Programme (TWP) 2024 is a strategic document which presents a clear view of the EUROCAE scope of work. It provides insight into the context of current and potential future EUROCAE activities for aviation executives and stakeholders of standardisation in the broad field of aviation. The TWP also briefly summarizes the achievements in the context of the current aviation environment. A list of the current EUROCAE Working Group activities can be found in the Appendix of this document together with a more detailed outline of those activities covered in the EUROCAE Annual Report.

The focus of this TWP is to provide guidance for future activities in a globally consistent and harmonised way. A clear view of planned activities for EUROCAE is given. This does not contradict the fact that EUROCAE is a flexible organisation – it amends its plans as necessary. As shown in the recent past, EUROCAE is well-able to react on short notice and produce high-quality standards on demand.

The increasing importance of more environmentally friendly aviation shapes the Technical Work Programme of EUROCAE, addressing sustainability, advanced air mobility and decarbonisation. Also, the need for an optimized use of spectrum, the efficient and interoperable use of artificial intelligence in aviation systems, new technological platforms and support to the European space strategy play a key role for EUROCAE now and become even more important in the near future. Those topics and the related potential for establishment of new Working Groups within the related domains are particularly addressed through this document.

Complementing the activities, the Work Programme describes the standardisation stakeholders and assists coordination between industry, research, operational users and the political framework. The standardisation programme is closely coordinated with the SESAR Digital European Sky Programme and its roadmap, and it will liaise with the Clean Aviation programme.

The document further provides a vision looking forward into future possible evolutions, encompassing topics such as autonomy, quantum computing and other evolving technologies and concepts likely to affect future aviation. Thus, the TWP reflects the key values of EUROCAE, being transparent, fostering collaboration and being up-to-date with regard to innovation, harmonisation and international presence.

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