New working group: WG-129 / Take-off Performance Monitoring System

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-129 "Take-off Performance Monitoring System" has been created.
EUROCAE Working Group (WG) 94 produced a Technical Report in 2015 which discussed, at high level, the basic concept of a Take Off Performance Monitoring (TOPM) System. The group concluded that the requirement for a MOPS/MASPS should be reviewed in the medium term (3-5 years). WG-94 was closed in 2015. The UK CAA received a safety recommendation from a UK AAIB Serious Incident Report (AAIB-27895) relating to a take-off performance issue. The Serious Incident Report concludes that a UK registered aircraft took off from a runway with insufficient power selected and, although the aircraft became airborne, it used up much more of the runway length than intended. Fortunately, there was sufficient runway to enable the aircraft to reach its rotation speed and lift off. During the climb out, the crew realised their mistake and applied full power. A total of 32 similar events involving have occurred in the last 5 years and AAIB identified these events in their Serious Incident Report (refer to Appendix A of the UK AAIB Serious Incident Report). At present there are no operational or aviation performance requirements relating to TOPM. In order to facilitate the introduction of a TOPM System, a minimum operational performance standard (MOPS) and/or a minimum aviation system performance standard (MASPS) is needed to enable the certification authorities establish equipment standards (E-TSO) and certification requirements. WG-xx shall develop these standards and any other required standards to support TOPM implementations.
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