EUROCAE Open Consultation ED-271A

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following draft EUROCAE document prepared by EUROCAE WG-105 SG-1 "Detect and Avoid" for Open Consultation:

Draft ED-271A "MASPS for Detect and Avoid (Traffic) under IFR"

(Used to be SG-12 DP002) The objective is to specify a proportionate risk based standard for Detect & Avoid against conflicting traffic which will support a performance based regulation for non-segregated RPAS operation. Specifying the minimum system requirements for Detect & Avoid of RPAS operation in airspace classes A-G under IFR. Will cover required functions which meet the operational description in the OSEDs, with adding RWC as a necessary function in all airspace classes. Environment and mitigations external to RPAS equipped with function will be used in SPR to identify the required performance and safety metrics for the function. MASPS for DAA [traffic] for RPAS operations in A-C airspace under IFR will be used as base line to address the requirements for operations under IFR, in all airspace classes (A-G).
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