New working group: WG-117 / Topics on Software Advancement

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-117 "Topics on Software Advancement" has been created.
The regulatory framework for UAS is being developed. EASA recently released additional information on their plan for certifying UAS defining the certified, specific and open categories. While the certified UAS category is aligned with the DO-178C/ED-12C document suite for development, and the open category does not have a software development standard needed for use and deployment, the specific category does not currently have a comprehensive compliant development standard identified to provide assurance as to the safe operations of the UAS. The continued release of information on UAS development and UAS operations by EASA provides a need but also an opportunity for a new software development process standard that will be specific to low risk UAS applications and the specific category defined by EASA. Moreover, it is considered that certain applications eg. by the general aviation (GA) community might benefit from a simplified software development methodology. In addition, the FAS Ad Hoc UAS report recommended the creation of supplemental guidance in the areas of COTS, Open Source and Service History, which could be used as well by other stakeholders performing low-risk operations The WG will therefore develop the following standards: 1. Low Risk Applications, e.g. UAS, GA 2. Integration of COTS, Open Source and Service History into Software. This WG will work jointly with RTCA SC-xxx and all documents produced will be published both by EUROCAE and RTCA as technically equivalent documents.
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