New working group: WG-121 / Aircraft Cleaning

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-121 "Aircraft Cleaning" has been created.
Due to the public health situation created by the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), travel restrictions were implemented by many nations worldwide to stop the spread of the disease. Similar infectious diseases could have similar consequences. The aviation industry recognized the seriousness of the threat of infection and moved to restore confidence of the traveling public that the aircraft in which they travel are safe from transmission vectors for the disease. With the nature of modern air travel (within a pressure vessel of the aircraft with travellers sitting for extended time periods within the close proximity of other travellers), the industry requires proven methodologies to clean aircraft interiors (to include the cockpit and other crew specific locations). This WG will develop guidance on the acceptable process, procedures, and tasks necessary to clean an aircraft interior to meet globally recognised health industry recommendations. This WG will work jointly with RTCA SC-241.
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