New working group: WG-115 / Counter UAS (C-UAS)

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-115 "Counter UAS (C-UAS)" has been created.
WG-115 is established to develop standards to support the safe and harmonised implementation of Counter-UAS Systems into airport and ANSP systems. The scope of the WG is limited to surveillance, interoperability and interfaces with stakeholders involved in the C-UAS domain: e.g. ANSP, Airports, U-Space Service Providers, Surveillance Systems manufacturers, law enforcement forces, pilots…. Focus is on the detection and surveillance capabilities around the airfield, but C-UAS capability could be extended to operations in other environments, such as urban areas. The topic of cooperative targets detection is not to be addressed, but interaction with information from cooperative sensors should be included in the overall system assessment. Interoperability of the defeat capabilities with the airport and ANSP systems will be addressed. Standards should describe the performance of the system (e.g. minimum level of detection required), interoperability and interfaces with stakeholders. General operational requirements and assumptions regarding the intended use and the expected users should first be established.
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