EUROCAE Symposium 2024

In honor of its Annual Symposium, EUROCAE has selected the KKL Luzern as the venue for a gathering scheduled for 24-25 April 2024. Distinguished industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders will convene to explore current advancements and forthcoming prospects within the aviation domain.

The registration includes: a 2-day pass for the global event, networking breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and an invitation to the Gala dinner and Awards night.


Speakers: Francine Zimmermann (FOCA), Klaus Meier (Skyguide), and Guillaume Roger (EUROCAE).

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the significance of efficient and secure communication through data becomes increasingly apparent. The joint EUROCAE/RTCA summit served as a strategic platform for industry players to address the challenges, advancements, and opportunities presented by datalink technology in modern aviation, taking as a starting point the White Paper published by EASA, FAA, Airbus and Boeing.

Moderator: Carol Huegel (RTCA).
Speakers: Luc Emberger (Airbus), Raúl Berrocal (INDRA), Peter Leydold (Frequentis), Christopher Misiak (EASA), and Radek Zaruba (Honeywell).

This flash talk is from the perspective non-aviation spectrum users on ensuring the safe integration of new technologies that are so important to the advancement of our collective industries.

Speaker: Michael Kraemer (INTEL).

Effective mitigation of the current and future risks of a cyberattack or compromised systems needs robust risk management and the capability to respond to and recover from incidents when they occur. This panel will discuss known threats, e.g. cyber-attack, jamming and or possible spoofing of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), hostile UAS activity, and how current initiatives are addressing those threats.

Moderator: Hannes Alparslan (European Defence Agency).
Speakers: Mikael Mabilleau (EUSPA), Angeliki Karakoliou (EASA), Tim Dodge (FAA), Okuary Osechas (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), and Szymon Loza (EUROCONTROL).


Drones are covering new areas of work that never have been imagined. UAS are focusing now in supporting dangerous and mechanical industrial activities that required a huge effort from humans until now, offering a great opportunity to do the same tasks with less risk, in less time and with more efficiency. Linear inspections are now part of this business.

Speaker: Günter Graf (Frequentis).

As the aviation industry compromises with the reduction of its carbon footprint, hydrogen aircraft have emerged as a beacon of hope. During this flash talk, we will journey into the heart of the aviation industry's green revolution.  7

Speaker: Simone Rauer (Airbus).

Airports represent a vital element of community infrastructure and their safe and efficient operation is critical, particularly in times of increasing demand and complexityIn this panel we will explore both the realised impacts of recent airport developments, as well as some initiatives in planning or execution for the near to medium termWe also consider the role of ‘smaller airports’ in the community and the overall aviation ecosystem. 

Moderator: Ansgar Sickert (Airports Council International - ACI).
Speakers: Mathias Burtscher (Skyguide), Ismail Polat (Istanbul Grand Airport - IGA), Thomas Mayer (European Regional Aerodromes Community - ERAC), Philip Church (EGIS), and Thorben Burghardt (ADB Safegate).

A new ATM/ANS Conformity Assessment Framework was adopted in September 2023, along with initial supporting provisions captured in Acceptable Means of Compliance, Guidance Material and Detailed SpecificationsThis Flash Talk will point out key aspects of the new framework, along with EASA’s plans for short and medium continued maintenance and evolution of the supporting material, working collaboratively with manufacturers, service providers, authorities and EUROCAE and other standards development organisations in support of the implementation of the framework. 

Speaker: José Luis García Chico (EASA).

Innovative Aerial Services and related technologies will have positive effects on society. People will benefit from the new transport and delivery systems and services. However, there may be potential consequences. This panel wants to address the intrinsic social challenges within the integration of these new technologies and concepts in the daily life of our society. What are the challenges, and what are the ways to bridge the existing gaps will be the main topics for discussion.

Moderator: Dr. Vassilis Agouridas (UIC2).
Speakers: Ronald Liebsch (Amazon Prime Air), Simon Whalley (Skyports), Larissa Haas (FOCA), and Titta Andersson-Bohren (Wing).

Within the new Olympic stage in Paris 2024, an initiative has emerged to showcase one of the first examples of future aerial mobility to the world. What can the world expect? What are the biggest challenges for this significant achievement?  

Speaker: Oliver Reinhardt (Volocopter).

So-called ‘new entrants’ are changing the operating environment of airports, bring new opportunities but also new risksThis panel will discuss some of the new operating concepts for integration of UAS and VTOL into existing airport, with an example of the planning of VTOL operations, along with how a Counter-UAS service is currently being deployed.

Moderator: Bosko Rafailovic (Skyguide).
Jean Marc Flon (Aéroports de Paris - ADP), Sergiu Marzac (Boeing), María Algar Ruiz (EASA), and Kim Silander (Kookiejar).


Discussion on crucial factors in starting new R&D or deploying technologies and its challenges. The panel will explore the possibilities of acceleration in implementing new technologies and emphasize the influence of the human factor in safe critical applications in aviation. The panel will offer predictions on the feasibility of potential technologies, touching on trends such as Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality... to apply in safety-critical aeronautical applications. 

Moderator: Peter Hotham (SESAR Joint Undertaking).
Speakers: Pascal Rohault (Thales), Eduardo García (CANSO), Frederic Trincal (Collins Aerospace), and Alfred Roelen (NLR).


In today's fast-paced, technology-driven aviation industry, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is not just a matter of social responsibility; it's essential for the industry's growth, innovation, and sustainability. This flash talk will explore the critical need for the aviation sector to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and create an inclusive environment where innovation can thrive. The session will focus on ways to foster DEI in aviation and empower individuals to address environmental concerns and navigate complex airspace challenges.  

Speaker: Marita Lintener (International Aviation Women's Association - IAWA).

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