Call for Participation WG-127: Lower-risk Aviation Applications

On 21 April 2023, the EUROCAE Council approved the creation of WG-127 Lower-risk Aviation Applications. The working group is tasked to develop a simplified software development methodology for lower-risk applications. 



Certification of Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and General Aviation (GA) is aligned with the ED-12C/DO-178C approach.

UAS are divided between Open operations and specific categories. While the Open operation category does not require any standard for use and deployment, the Specific category could benefit from a compliant development standard to provide assurance for safe operations.

Certification authorities might also consider this standard as a Means of Compliance for lower-risk applications of VTOL and GA industries. 


Approach and Scope of the Activity:

WG-127 will bring together VTOL, UAS, and GA developers, along with software development process experts, to create a new standard for aviation software. The working group will work closely and collaboratively with the authorities to address any requirements, continuously evaluate the performance assessment of the new standard, and promptly make updates or enhancements to follow up on emerging issues or changing regulatory concerns. The ambition is to achieve recognition as Means of Compliance, and to demonstrate a proactive approach to adapt certification requirements.

WG-127 new standard aims to establish a comprehensive and robust framework for the minimum required development process and verification boundaries within the context of regulatory certification. This standard will provide guidelines and criteria for industries to consolidate the safety, reliability, and compliance of aviation products.

The development process component of the framework will outline the sequential steps and define the necessary stages to ensure a systematic and thorough approach to the development lifecycle for lower-risk aviation applications.

The verification boundaries aspect will focus on defining the specific parameters and criteria that should be met to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards.

The Kick-Off Meeting for WG-127 is scheduled for 6 July 2023 at the EUROCAE Offices in Saint-Denis, and is open to Non-members. 

If your company is interested in a contribution to these activities, please complete the Registration form available here: 


This Call for Participation will close on 20 June 2023!

For any additional information please contact Thuc Nguyen, EUROCAE Technical Programme Manager at