Celebrating Excellence: Announcing the Winners of the 2023 EUROCAE Awards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 Awards, which were presented during the Gala Dinner at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget on 26 April 2023, as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of EUROCAE. The nominations for the different Awards came from within the Working Groups, where the work is done, and who better to identify those members worthy of an Award than the Working Group members?

More than 5000 participants from about 550 member organizations are registered with EUROCAE. Each and every one of them is a valuable member of a community of aviation experts dedicated to writing standards with the sole purpose of making aviation safe and efficient.

We want to take this opportunity to recognize the exceptional individuals who went above and beyond their duties. These experts assumed responsibilities and worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome. It was these extraordinary members that EUROCAE recognized with the Awards presented each year.

The Selection Committee represented the EUROCAE Governance by being composed of a member of the Council, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Secretariat. For the Global Harmonization Award, a representative from RTCA joined the Selection Committee.

We are grateful for the contributions of all our members and congratulate the 2023 EUROCAE Award winners for their exceptional work and dedication...

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Roland Mallwitz

Dr. Mallwitz over the years not only was a member of 5 Working Groups (of which he chaired one), he also was a member of the EUROCAE Secretariat for a number of years. This Award recognises the many decades of support to EUROCAE.

Working Group Leadership Award: Jörn Jakobi

Mr. Jakobi immediately took responsibility as Chair of WG-100 Remote and Virtual Towers when it was created. He’s been Chair ever since and his work is pivotal for the success of this group.

Women in EUROCAE Award: Julia Sanchez

She’s dedicated to make sure that unmanned aircraft can be integrated into the airspace safely. This is why she not only contributed to the work of WG-105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems but is also a very active member of WG-115 responsible for standards in the area of Counter UAS in order to protect the airspace from unwanted unmanned activities.

Global Harmonisation Award: Eric Asselin

WG-114 Artificial Intelligence in Aeronautical Systems is working jointly with SAE G-34 to develop standards, guidance material and related documents to support the development and the certification/approval of aeronautical safety-related products based on AI-technology, a work Eric drives with great dedication and effort.

International Award: Mark Brown

Being a member of the Japanese ENRI, the Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Mr. Brown active contributed to WG-78 Standards for Air Traffic Data Communications Services in the development of the ATN Baseline 2 Standards for air-ground data link and has been an active member of WG-100 Remote and Virtual Towers since its creation.

Best Contribution Award: Clive Goodchild

Mr. Goodchild has been active in WG-72 Aeronautical Systems Security since the first meeting in 2006. More recently he served as the group's Secretary until his retirement. He was actively involved in the drafting of all the deliverables of WG-72, in particular as Editor to ED-201A and ER-013.