Call for Subgroup Lead: EUROCAE WG-112 VTOL SG-9

The purpose of the task (which is yet to be approved) is to undertake a gap analysis of existing materials and develop guidance to address eVTOL specificities. The proposed title for the EUROCAE Report is ‘Additional Considerations for Electromagnetic Hazard Compliance for eVTOL and Urban Air Mobility Operations’.

The need for this activity was identified following collaboration calls with experts from EUROCAE WG-31, who explained that the current framework of standards may not provide enough detail to address the particular aircraft configurations for eVTOL or their intend urban operating environment.

To lead this activity, expertise is required in the field of electromagnetic threats to aircraft.

If your company is interested in leading this activity, please complete the registration form by 31 May 2022.

Save the Date

Once the SG lead has been determined, the activity will be approved by WG-112 Steering Committee, after which a kickoff meeting will be held. The date and time for the kickoff meeting will be announced via email.

Additional information

The Working Group on VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing), WG-112, shall develop the appropriate industry standards necessary as Acceptable Means of Compliance to support the Special Condition on VTOL aircraft that EASA published in mid-2019.

WG-112 is organised in eight subgroups Focus Teams, each working in a specific area. The work of the subgroups is coordinated by a Steering Committee, which ensures developmental consistency. The subgroups are:

  • SG-1: Electrical
  • SG-2: Lift/Thrust
  • SG-3: Safety
  • SG-4: Flight
  • SG-5: Ground
  • SG-6: Avionics
  • SG-7: ConOps
  • SG-8: Seats, which is joint with SAE Seats Committee

*EUROCAE requires membership to participate in the activities in this call. For further information, please consult our website

For additional information, please contact Abinaya Kannan, Technical Programme Manager.