NEWSblog June 2022

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  1. EUROCAE at World ATM Congress 2022

  2. 2022 EASA-FAA International Aviation Safety Conference

  3. SAFIR-MED Executive Medical Drone Event

  4. Job Opportunities

  5. WG-14 Environment Plenary Meeting Outcomes

  6. WG-59 Flight Data Processing Interoperability Approves ED-133A for Open Consultation

  7. ED-302 Makes Data Alteration Becomes Easier to Navigate

  8. WG-76/SC-206 AIS/MET Datalink Services Meets in Ottawa

  9. WG-78/SC-214 Standards for Air Traffic Data Communications Services Meeting Outcomes

  10. WG-108/SC-223 ATN/IPS Plenary Meeting at EUROCAE

  11. WG-118 Crash-Protected and Lightweight Flight Recorders Plenary Meeting Outcomes

  12. Upcoming EUROCAE Working Group Meetings

  13. EUROCAE Trainings

  14. New Members in June 2022

  15. Open Consultations

  16. Published Documents