EUROCAE Open Consultation ED-129C

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following draft EUROCAE document prepared by EUROCAE WG-51 SG-4 "Composite ADS-B/WAM System" for Open Consultation:

Draft ED-129C "Technical Specification for an ADS-B Ground System"

This document defines the minimum technical specification for a 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B Ground System. The ADS-B System is the “SUR Sensor” element of an infrastructure supporting ATS Surveillance Service(s), such as the Approach Control and Area Control Services within the European Air Navigation Region. Revision C has been updated to be compliant with the SPI-IR (EU No 1207/2011) for ADS-B ground stations and distributed ADS-B Systems. It will contain a partial implementation of ADS-B Version 3 as defined in ED-102B/DO-260C.
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You are invited to review the proposed draft and complete the comment form. Early replies are encouraged.

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