ED-240A Ch.1 - MASPS for Remote Tower Optical Systems

We are pleased to announce the publication of ED-240A Ch.1 |MASPS for Remote Tower Optical Systems.
This document supersedes ED-240A Minimum Aviation System Performance Specification for RTOSs (October 2018). The document has been revised to improve its readability and usability and has been updated with respect to the optional integration of Non-Optical Sensors. As compared with the previous version, the main changes are: • Guidance on how to use the document has been added as §1.3. • The approach to specifying object detection and recognition requirements has changed. The operator/service provider now specifies what objects/object classes need to be detected/recognised in which areas of interest without assuming an optical system configuration or needing to specify distances from supposed cameras. The derivation of the optical system configuration, Detection Range Recognition Performance (DRRP) and technical performances to satisfy those requirements is carried out by the system implementer. Guidance on methods that can be used to derive the DRRP and verify that an optical system will satisfy the technical requirements has been added as appendices. • Regarding Visual Tracking, material has been added to help readers understand the capabilities and limitations of object motion detection and indication based purely on image processing of sensor video. Similarly to object detection and recognition requirements, the operator/service provider now specifies those objects/object classes that it is desired to track in which areas of interest, supplemented by “use cases” to guide implementers in tuning the system to mitigate unwanted object motion indications. The technical requirements have been simplified.
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