ED-102B - MOPS for 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B and TIS-B

We are pleased to announce the publication of ED-102B|MOPS for 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B and TIS-B.
Minimum Operational Performance Standard (MOPS) for the 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B and TIS-B Datalink for ADS-B Version 3. This document supersedes ED-102A and contains the following main changes: • Addition of Phase Overlay Modulation • Support for Flight Deck Interval Management Applications • Improved Geometric Altitude Reporting • Specification of a Position Message Format Algorithm • Deletion of T-Bit Handling • Transmission of Air and Pilot Weather Reports • Transmission of Reply Rate Monitor Message • Support for UAS/RPAS Operations • Support for Sub-orbital High-Velocity Operations It is technically identical to RTCA DO-260C. For the implementation of the Phase Overlay functionality, ED-102B refers to patented material from ACSS (Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC). ACSS has granted a Commitment to License which is contained in the MOPS in Appendix K. In addition, supplementary material is available as well from the EUROCAE e-shop.
It is available on the EUROCAE eShop: