ED-279 - Generic Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) for UAS and RPAS

We are pleased to announce the publication of ED-279|Generic Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) for UAS and RPAS.
This document aims at generating a UAS/RPAS FHA, to cover the widest possible number of configurations with the aim of providing UAS system developers a framework to support designers when performing the FHA process. In order to support this, the core functions of a UAS have been identified (slightly tailored from the functions list in draft ARP4761-A for manned platforms) and assessed independently of each other. The production of a Basic FHA is challenging due to the large variance in UAS configurations, meaning that essential functions may not in all cases to be considered independently. Because of this, additional rules have been developed to support the generation of an FHA specific to the implementation being considered.
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