WG-28 Call for Participation

EUROCAE WG-28 “Ground Based Augmentation Systems”

Please find herewith the Call for Participation for WG-28 as well as the Terms of Reference for this activity.

A main activity of EUROCAE WG-28 for the past few years has been on standards for Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS). The other main activity of the group has been to track the ongoing developments within RTCA and ICAO on standards for GBAS to support Category II/III operations.

After the recent validation by ICAO Navigation System Panel of GBAS SARPs to support CAT II/III operations (so-called GAST D concept based on GPS L1 only) in December 2016, WG-28 is going to develop ED-114B that will be the GBAS Ground Equipment MOPS to support CAT I/II/III operations. It is intended that this MOPS will document some assumptions regarding GBAS airborne equipment performance and aircraft implementation.

At this stage, additional resources and competences from the airborne industry are required for WG-28 to continue developing/updating standards for Ground Based Augmentation Systems for Satellite navigation.

If you are interested to participate, you are invited to return the Call for Participation form by 9 September 2017 to eurocae@eurocae.net.