WG-105 Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce that the EUROCAE Council has approved the creation of the new

WG-105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

WG-105 will work on the development of deliverables to enable the safe operation of UAS in all types of airspace under any conditions for each type of operations.

The work of the group will be organised around a number of Focus Teams responsible for specific areas. This CfP shall ensure that sufficient resources will be available for the development of the specific deliverables. It is important to understand that the availability of these resources is a prerequisite for the launch of the respective development.

At the same time the CfP asks for volunteers to lead one of the Focus Teams. You may indicate this by ticking the box in the left column of the CfP form.

Please return the attached Call for Participation form duly completed by 31 October 2016 at the latest to eurocae@eurocae.net.

The Kick-Off meeting for the activities subject to the CfP is scheduled for 15 to 17 November 2016 at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters at Brussels. Please find here the respective Calling Notice.