WG-106 Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce that the EUROCAE Council has approved the creation of the new

WG-106 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Please find here the Terms of Reference.

The quick development of the Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) use over the last years was such that they became a very common and important tool for flight operations and have replaced paper in most cockpits.

Increasingly present, EFBs also feature more and more advanced functions that depart from the simple replacement of paper while offering new possibilities to enhance operations and information available to the crew. They consequently become more complex to evaluate.

To facilitate the operational approval path in Europe and an EASA ETSO authorization, an industry standard becomes necessary.

The standard should ideally unambiguously define the perimeter of EFB applications, without preventing future innovation in that domain.

The standard should not contradict existing guidance such as that contained in AMC 20-25 or in the ICAO EFB Manual Doc 10020 but may implement objectives to achieve completeness.

Based on the existing material, the WG should:
- identify the minimum requirements that any EFB application must meet and;
- develop corresponding test criteria;
- monitor and consider the progress of the current EFB rulemaking activity at EASA.

The date for the kick off meeting will be fixed shortly and the calling notice will be issued in due course to the nominated participants of this WG.

You are invited to return the Call for Participation form by 9 December 2016 to eurocae@eurocae.net.