WG-83 Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Systems

EUROCAE Call for participation

We are pleased to announce that the EUROCAE TAC has approved an updated Terms of Reference (ToR) for

EUROCAE WG-83 “Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Systems”

Please find here the Call for Participation form as well as the Terms of Reference.

EUROCAE WG-83 has already published ER-003 containing a definition for the term Foreign Object Debris as well as ED-235 “Minimum Aviation Systems Performance Specification (MASPS) for Foreign Object Debris Detection System”.

During the development of ED-235 the WG was confronted with the situation that the actual requirements for and performance of an FOD Detection System depend very much on the local situation and that there are quite a number of factors that influence the operational behaviour of the system once it has been installed. In particular airport representatives in the group considered it useful to develop some guidance material to allow airport operators to take an informed decision in the procurement process of such a system.

Therefore WG-83 is now tasked to develop an OSED (Operational Services and Environment Description) in order to describe the dependencies of system requirements and performance on the environmental and operational conditions.

Please note that for this group EUROCAE is in particular seeking experts from airports with operational experience in FOD management as well as manufacturers of FOD Detection Systems.

Please return the attached Call for Participation form duly completed at by 7 October 2016 the latest to eurocae@eurocae.net with copy to alexander.engel@eurocae.net and adrian.cioranu@eurocae.net.

The Kick-Off meeting for this activity is scheduled for 2 November 2016. The Calling Notice for this meeting - including the location - will be distributed in due time.