2019 EUROCAE Symposium &

56th General Assembly

25-26 April 2019 | Toulouse, France

Host: École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

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DAY 1 | Thursday, 25 April

Registration: 09:00 AM

Starting time: 10:00

Opening remarks: C. Schleifer (EUROCAE), F. Schubert (Skyguide, EUROCAE President)


Session 1: New vehicles and autonomy trends in aviation
Session 2: Connectivity and digital services
Session 3: Airport developments
Session 4: Innovative ATM solutions

Innovative solutions for the provision air traffic services through remote tower have been successfully deployed at several airports throughout Europe and globally, to the point where some States have decided to replace traditional towers entirely by remote ones. The technology has proven its benefits and ICAO, EASA and national regulators and authorities are active to set the regulatory framework for their operations. Although remote towers bring many benefits and more are being deployed, the possibilities of further digital transformation of the tower go much further to leverage the full potential of this emerging technology, such as virtual centres or further integration of sensor technology or with other airport stakeholders through A-CDM. This session will review feedback from current operations, latest R&D outcomes and potential for future expansion of the concept of remote provision of air traffic services.

54th EUROCAE General Assembly: starts at 17:00

Dinner followed by the Award Night: starts at 20:00

Venue: Hotel Dieu (see directions here)

Hôtel-Dieu Saint Jacques
2, rue Viguerie
TSA 80035
31059 Toulouse cedex 9

DAY 2 | Friday, 26 April

Starting time: 09:00
Session 5: Innovative aircraft systems
Session 6: Satellite-based services

Ground based systems provide only limited coverage for CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) for the global aviation. The use of satellites to enable global coverage for the various CNS services required to increase safety, performance and capacity of aviation becomes more and more important. This session will look into the relevance of satellites for current and future global aviation, while providing a view on possible solutions when "things go wrong".

Ending time: 15:45