Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airworthiness and Safety Training

Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, through a variety of configurations, applications and types
of operations, are increasingly becoming a reality in the world of civil aviation. New European
Regulation, based upon risk-based approach, has been put in place in June 2020, endorsing the three
pillars concept of Open, Specific and Certified categories.

EUROCAE (through its dedicated Working Groups, initially WG-73 and WG-93 and WG-105 since
November 2016) has played and is playing an active role in the UAS-rule making and standardization
activities. A number of standards and guidelines documents (ED and ER documents) have been
already issued to handle various topics relating to UAS Airworthiness and Operational Safety and
enable the safe integration of UAS in the civilian airspace.

This training course aims at familiarizing the audience with the issues related to the UAS
Airworthiness and Safety. In particular, It presents the essential tools to conduct System Safety and
Operational Risk Assessment, based upon design and operational risk mitigation measures, a key
element in getting flight authorization from Civilian Aviation Authorities (in the framework of
Specific and Certified Categories, as per EC regulation 2019/947).


NEW Course format: Online, 09:00-12:30 Monday-Friday

Location: ONLINE

Cost: EUR 1,680 (excl. VAT) for non-members / EUR 1,344 (excl. VAT) for Members


Course format:
Classroom, 3 days

Location: EUROCAE HQ Saint-Denis, Paris area, France

Starting time: 09:00 on Day 1

Ending time: 17:00 on Day 3

Cost: EUR 2,100 (excl. VAT) for non-members / EUR 1,680 (excl. VAT) for Members


Online format, same curriculum 12-16 October >> REGISTER HERE
Please do not forget to finalise your registration and payment in the e-shop.
Online format, same curriculum 7-11 December >> REGISTER HERE
Please do not forget to finalise your registration and payment in the e-shop.

Learning objectives

The purpose of the training is to enable the UAS participants to adopt a standard and regulatory-led approach with regard to UAS safety issues, easing the granting of UAS flight authorization. The participant will be able to:
  • Identify the UAS regulatory frame work and flight approvals
  • Identify the risks related to UAS operations
  • Apply the risk-based approach based upon design and/or operational mitigation measures
  • Describe the UAS Safety Assessment process
  • Prepare inputs to Operational Risk Assessment in line with SORA methodology to support the granting of flight authorization.
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