Aviation Software Standards Training

Applied to ATM


With airborne and ground-based aviation systems increasingly interconnected, the landscape for critical systems software is changing.

Whether you are an ANSP specifying or accepting a system, the person responsible for system maintenance, or a supplier at the cutting edge of software product development, you will need to understand the standards options available to you, how to apply them, and the impact on costs.

This course takes a practical and interactive approach to the subject matter, drawing on the trainers’ extensive experience in both aviation safety and critical systems software development. Attendees will receive complimentary copies of ED-12C, ED-109A and ED-153.

ED-12C - Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
ED-109A - Software Integrity Assurance Considerations for Communication and Navigation and Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems
ED-153A - Guidelines for ANS Software Safety Assurance


NEW Course format: Online, 09:00-12:30 Monday-Friday

Location: ONLINE

Cost: EUR 1,199 (excl. VAT) for non-members / EUR 959 (excl. VAT) for Members


Course format: Classroom, 2 days

Location: EUROCAE HQ Saint-Denis, Paris area, France

Starting time: 09:00 on Day 1

Ending time: 17:00 on Day 2

Cost: EUR 1,499 (excl. VAT) for non-members / EUR 1,199 (excl. VAT) for Members

Online format, same curriculum: 5-9 October >> REGISTER HERE


Benefits of attending

- Participants will understand which standard to use for what purpose and at what cost implications.

- EDs for Aviation Software brought to life with classroom scenarios and exercises.

- Instructors are senior advisers on aviation software and experienced trainers.

- Sharing experiences with colleagues from other aviation stakeholders/countries.

- Extensive course handouts including ED-12C, ED-109A and ED153.

- Certificate on completion of the course.

- Ideal learning environment at EUROCAE HQ in Saint-Denis (Paris area, France).


Learning objectives

The purpose of the training is to enable participants to have an overview of the most relevant EUROCAE standards to apply for systems and software development in aviation. Having completed the training participants should be able to:

  • Identify the principles and consequences of good software engineering practices in the aviation domain.
  • Describe how software safety regulations, standards and certification affects the different actors in aviation.
  • Understand how standards can help them manage software development costs in safety critical systems.
  • Explain the scope and content of ED-12C, ED-109A and ED-153 as applicable to them.
  • Identify differences and similarities between the different standards by identifying and mapping the links between them, namely: ED-12C, ED-109A, ED-153 and other relevant software safety standards.
  • Understand the consensus to reach between airframe manufacturers, equipment suppliers, certification authorities and end-users (service providers and operators).
  • Select an appropriate standard, or set of standards, to adopt for specific aviation software safety purposes.
  • Outline the key requirements underpinning software systems approval.


Hotels in Paris

Regarding accommodation, within walking distance we could suggest the Novotel http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-3325-novotel-suites-paris-stade-de-france-hotel/index.shtml

Along the RER B line, you could always try Les Jardins du Luxembourg https://www.les-jardins-du-luxembourg.com/fr/reservation (1 minute from RER B Luxembourg and then 20 minutes or so to reach our offices).

Please note that we have no deals with any of these hotels.

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