ED-299 - Guidance for Vertiport Operators and Operations

We are pleased to announce the publication of ED-299|Guidance for Vertiport Operators and Operations.
This document provides guidance for designers, developers and operators for planning and executing safe Visual Flight Rules (VFR) vertiport operations, describes at a high level the systems, processes, procedures, equipment and facilities that should be provided at a single vertiport or a network of vertiports managed by the same vertiport operator, serves as a template for the preparation of a vertiport manual, references and ignposts other existing documentation that may be useful for vertiport operations, complements any separate guidance and standards specifically for the design of VFR vertiports, including but not limited to vertiport data, physical characteristics, obstacle environment and visual aids; and it could be applied to existing heliports here doing so would support safe VTOL aircraft operations or a mixed operation of helicopter and VTOL aircraft operations – only to the extent where the standards for vertiports are equivalent or exceed those of heliports.
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