WG-88 Call for Participation

EUROCAE WG-88 “On-board Weight and Balance Systems”

EUROCAE WG-88 is pursuing the objective of developing Minimum Operational Performance Specifications (MOPS) for On-board Weight and Balance Systems. The Terms of Reference of the WG can be found here.

Following the conclusions of the interim report delivered by the group on the feasibility of standardisation of on-board weight and balance systems, the group is working along the three key characteristics of such systems: class and mode of operation (primary or secondary system), the required accuracy and reliability (functions of the class of operation), and the design, installation and environmental constraints.

Such systems are expected to result in significant benefits in terms of safety and to reduce the number of incidents and accidents that are due to incorrect weight and centre of gravity calculations.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is endorsing and actively supporting the standardisation work in this area. The EUROCAE Document the WG will produce is an important reference intended to be used by EASA for aviation rulemaking on weight and balance related subjects.

Participation to this activity is still possible, and the WG specifically seeks input from airline operators and system suppliers.

As the outcome of WG-88 activity is expected to significantly increase efficiency of operations for both rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft, we would welcome additional participation from helicopter or aircraft operators.

Please find herewith the Call for Participation Form for WG-88. If you are interested to participate, you are invited to return the Call for Participation form by 20 October 2017 to Adrian Cioranu, Technical Programme Manager at Adrian.Cioranu@eurocae.net.