2020 EUROCAE Symposium &

57th General Assembly

29-30 April 2020


Host: International Air Transport Association (IATA)

IATA Geneva | Route de l'Aéroport 33, 1215 Geneva - 15, Switzerland



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Member fee:  573,75 EUR

Non-Member fee:  765,00 EUR

Student fee (dinner not included): 180,00 EUR

DAY 1 | Wednesday, 29 April

Registration starts at 08:30

Starting time: 10:00

Opening remarks: Christian Schleifer (EUROCAE), Francis Schubert (Skyguide, EUROCAE President)

Session 1: Addressing environmental challenges

The environmental footprint of aviation came under the spotlight lately, adding a significant pressure for our sector to further improve the performance and to optimise the operations. This panel will discuss some of the existing and upcoming initiatives to increase the aviation system efficiency, while considering the technological and operational developments that would reduce the CO2 and NOX emissions, also considering the impact of shifting weather patterns

Session 2: Urban air mobility

 Thanks to the innovative use of new technologies, one of the main expectations of aerospace is to achieve an economic, safe and environmentally friendly Urban Air Mobility (UAM) capability. Many designs of Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft were successfully developed and tested in recent years. Also, a close collaboration between EASA, EUROCAE and the OEMs aims at supporting the certification of these new technologies. At the same time, UAM also means safe integration in the airspace. This is an important objective of the U-space concept and the operation of Certified UAS. This session will focus on different perspectives from main UAM stakeholders and on their common goal in deploying this new way of transportation.

Session 3: Total airport management

Aviation is one of the Europe’s most competitive domains. Airports are a vital part of the aviation system and plays an important role in the development of air transportation. More and more innovative solutions are implemented at airports to increase operational efficiency and competitiveness. The panel will look into and discuss about the potential solutions to address the current capacity issues, to improve the efficiency of services on an airport and to deal with new challenges such as UAS operations.

57th EUROCAE General Assembly: starts at 17:00
Dinner followed by the Award Night: starts at 20:00

Venue: To be confirmed




DAY 2 | Thursday, 30 April

Session 4: Airline priorities

Airspace users and airlines are concerned by the complexity of increasing digitalisation of on board the aircraft and on the ground as well as by the efforts for the CNS rationalization and the need to transfer towards a real integrated (i)CNS innovated technology. It is important for airlines and the entire ATM world to be synchronised at the air and ground side. The airspace users are focused on several important goals: increasing the ATM capacity; ensuring (cyber) security and safety; enabling greater predictability; keeping costs affordable; ensuring the safe, secure and fair UAS integration and better predictability in order to plan and execute flights efficiently and sustainable, in line with the European Commission’s initiative of a European Green Deal. This session will look at these and other current challenges, how the airline community addresses them and how it could benefit from new technologies such as the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electric or Hybrid Propulsion Technologies to replace the fuel consuming engines and the usage of the Blockchain technology.

Session 5: Digital transformation

There is a wide range of applications in aviation where digital transformation can contribute to safety and to efficiency. Addressing the growth in passengers and flights, aviation’s environmental impact and limitations from our current ATM structure will always have a technical component. Digital transformation solutions from other industry sectors, such as data management, connectivity, data service providers, cloud based solutions, big data, etc., are now mature, robust and stable, and aviation can’t afford to ignore them. EUROCAE is already actively involved in standards covering software qualification, cyber security, data quality and artificial intelligence. This session will address the hot topics in digitalisation and how we can make best use of them in aviation.

Session 6: ATM innovations to increase efficiency

In times of growing air traffic, airspace capacity becomes an increasingly scarce resource. In order to manage future traffic levels, efficiency needs to be increased by all players. With respect to Air Traffic Management this means on one hand improving the handling of flight data on the ground, streamlining traffic flows and decrease delays. On the other hand we need to improve the on-board capabilities with respect to navigation and the sharing of responsibilities. This session will look into future Flight Data Processing procedures, give insight into the upcoming network manager responsibilities and throw some light onto on-board improvements for better navigation capabilities and to take over responsibilities for aircraft spacing.






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