New working group: WG-99 / Portable Electronic Devices

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-99 "Portable Electronic Devices" has been created.
The objectives of the WG-99 are: • To reflect the industrial development since 2006 of PEDs, radio services and standards. • To include experience of the aviation industry with in-flight-connectivity systems and their integration from an EMC point-of-view. • To accommodate demand for the continuous use of PEDs on board. • To publish an update of the ED-130 document expected to be technically equivalent to SC-234’s document DO-xyz • To work jointly with the relevant RTCA special committee (SC-234) • To align with the SRA (safety risk assessment) processes to be defined within a joint RTCA/EUROCAE SC-234 / WG-99 • Revise specific requirements in RTCA DO-307 to be consistent with the existing high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) requirements and to incorporate industry lessons learned. This revision will be published as a joint document.
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