EUROCAE Open Consultation

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following draft EUROCAE document prepared by EUROCAE WG-95 "Inflight Ice Detection System" and SAE AC9C "Aircraft Icing Technology Committee" for Open Consultation:

  • Draft ED-103RevA “Minimum Operational Performance Specification For Inflight Icing Detection System”
This document supersedes ED-103 Minimum Operational Performance Specification for INFLIGHT Icing detection Systems Issued July 2001 and SAE AS5498 Issued October 2001.

The document has been updated to address:
- SUPERCOOLED Large Drops (SLD) ICING CONDITIONS of CS-25/14 CFR part 25, Appendix O.
- ICE Water (ICE CRYSTALS and Mixed-Phase) ICING CONDITIONS of CS-25, Appendix P/14 and CFR part 33, Appendix D.
- CS-25/14 CFR part 25, Appendix O and CS-25, Appendix P/14 CFR part 33, Appendix D and associated regulatory and regulatory compliance means changes on FIDS equipment design, tests and demonstration.

You are invited to review the proposed draft and complete the comment form. Early replies are encouraged.

All comments must be submitted by 2 May 2017.